• Introducing - The Dungeon Lab

    Dungeon Lab is a project that I wanted to start because of the lack of transparency in available game engines. There are some open source engines out there that let you dive into the code, but few of them output well-structured, readable code. So, I decided to make a game engine for roguelikes.

    Dungeon Lab will allow users to look at all the code and see exactly what the code looks like once you export your game.

    A Game Engine Built For Learning

    My vision for Dungeon Lab is a game engine that lets users start at the top with a prefab game engine while also allowing them to dive deeper as they learn more.

    Start with configuring your game through gui elements. Once you’ve learned a few things, you can start scripting your game through a simple scripting language. Finally, once you’re ready to start learning to write low level code, take a look at the C code yourself and make your game exactly what you want it to be.

    Hopefully this can be a tool to get more people into making games and learning about how computers work. Programming is too much fun to hide the code behind a graphical game-making engine.

    Project Overview

    Language: C
    Editor: Vim
    Libraries: SDL, stb
    Repository: GitHub
    Misc: GIMP, GDB

    Development Goals

    Create a graphical game engine that…

    • is used for making roguelikes.
    • exposes all code, from the engine to the game.
    • encourages learning from high to low level.
    • allows gui interaction, scripting, and coding of roguelikes.
    • is stable and usable on multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX, etc.).
    • teaches me a lot about programming while making it.


    Dungeon Lab is an attempt to learn more about low level game-making concepts and to become a better programmer. Hopefully it will also become something that people actually use to make some great roguelikes.

    The engine is written in C on an Arch Linux system. Windows and OSX builds are planned for the future, but they will not be supported until Dungeon Lab is in a stable, usable state.

    If you like to make software from scratch or just want to become a better programmer in general, take a look at