Getting Closer to Echolocation – XMechanics

Here’s another quick (and unremarkable) update on the XMechanics experiment. Haha, EX-Mechanics and EXperiment… Never mind.

I’m a Total C++ Noob

You probably already knew that, but it’s making things move along pretty slowly. I always have at least a couple tabs open in Chrome with C++ and SFML references. The going is slow but there is still progress dammit! Don’t sweat it, the whole point of this shindig is to LEARN.

What have I done so far? Well, for the first few days I was lazy and mostly just read a bunch of the SFML API trying to absorb what I could. (You can check out the Github logs to see exactly what I’ve got done by the way)

Last night was pretty productive. I implemented some basic movement code so that the player sprite accelerates and decelerates. It feels much better when you see the character slightly slow to a stop when you stop moving and when you don’t just start off full speed.

I wrote about the method I used not too long ago, check it out if you aren’t sure what I’m talking about: click me! I haven’t read that since I wrote it so I hope it’s not too out of date or you know… incorrect.

On a side note, I just realized I’ve put all my code straight into the Entity class instead of creating a separate Player class for controlling the player… sigh.

What’s Coming Next?

Here’s my short todo list for all the minor things I want implemented before I start experimenting with the echolocation mechanic:

  1. Collision between entities and platforms.
  2. Gravity, since I’m picturing a platformer (if you didn’t catch that from the platforms above).
  3. Jumping. This kind of goes along with gravity I guess.
  4. Design a very small, basic level to run and jump around in.

After all that is in, I should have a single screen full of platforms that will at least kinda feel like a game. From there I can start toying with echolocation by shooting stuff from the player and then figuring out how to interact with the platforms when the stuff collides with them.

Who knows, maybe this thing will actually turn out to be fun. Then I’ll have to make a whole game and sell it for millions of dollars. Or ten dollars, ten is good too.

That’s it for now. You stay classy interwebs. Catchya later.